04 July 2005

What did you drink during Live8, Daddy?

Banana Bread Beer. Fascinating stuff it is too: it's basically a pale ale, and quite a light one, despite the label's claim to be beer in the "liquid bread" style of brewing (the guy who wrote that needs a good dose of Westvleteren to show him what liquid bread really tastes like). What makes this stuff really special (and the name kinda gives it away) is the kick of real, fairly-traded (kudos for that) bananas. It has to be tried to be appreciated properly. This isn't a subtle hint of banana tones, nor is it a big overpowering banana-in-your-face. It's a very gentle incline towards bananas, gradually accumulating on the palate until you finish your pint and say "Mmm. Bananas". And it is a pint too: a full 568ml, which is a very nice touch.

It does suffer a bit from the trouble with Bateman's, but that's more to do with my ineptitude than anything else. Practice, dear boy.

You really won't know if you like this stuff or not until you try it. And you should try it.


  1. Sounds like you know beer, but banana beer? Really?!

    I've always wanted to visit Dublin...eventually I will.

  2. Cheers. And yes, really. It topped a CAMRA poll of women drinkers' favourite beers a couple of years back.