05 December 2005

Tradition schmadition

I'm all in favour of screwing with tradition for the hell of it. It makes the world a more interesting and diverse place. So I was amused when I saw that La Trappe, not content with the usual dubbel and tripel styles of Trappist beer, also make a "Quadruple". For all the iconoclasm of the name, however, it's a fairly normal strong, dark Trappist ale, weighing in at a fairly hefty 10.9%. It remains drinkable despite this and is chock-full of varied fruit flavours. Nice for a change from the Belgian norm.


  1. "Nice for a change from the Belgian norm."

    But it's Dutch...

    It's also great stuff, though, which is more to the point.

  2. Yes, 'cos if it was Belgian it wouldn't be a change from the Belgian.

    Wow. 2005 eh? Everything seemed so much bigger...