31 March 2007

Wych one's next

I went through a Circle Master phase a couple of years ago, but I'm now overdue trying the other Wychwood beers. So I have Fiddler's Elbow in front of me now, the only wheat-brewed ale I've ever come across. The result of such unorthodoxy is a curious bitter, hoppy, tangy ale with a smooth round aftertaste. While marketed as a summer ale, this is rich enough to satisfy all year round.


  1. For consistency the Wychwood Brewery are up there with the best. They don't seem to know how to make a bad beer; some quite average ones, like Goliath, but no real stinkers.
    Apart from their always enjoyable flagship Hobgoblin, I can also recommend Wychcraft and Black Wych.

  2. Until I visited their web site the other day I hadn't realised that Hobgoblin was their flagship beer - it's harder to find round here than either Circle Master or Fiddler's Elbow. I have seen it though, so I'll make a point of trying it asap.