12 July 2007

Please be our guest

The concept of a "guest beer" doesn't really exist in Ireland. What need have we of tied houses when we have, basically, a tied market? However, the handful of pubs who do interesting beer will occasionally bring in temporary stock and promote it as a "guest". The Bull & Castle Beerhall is doing so right now with Watou Wit, on draught for a limited period. This is a simple beer made incredibly well. It's pale blond and lacks the spice and fruit bells-and-whistles of many competitors. The result is an undemanding easy-going session beer: not too dry, not too fizzy but quality to the core. Especially recommended if you're a slave to the Hoegaarden or Erdinger taps.


  1. And for our foreign readers, Ireland applies to North and South.

  2. Heh. I can't think of a pub with decent beers in the North, so the point, sir, is moot.

  3. Not been to it but the White Horse in Saintfield is owned by the Whitewater Brewing Company so the beer selection can only be good. Not that far away from me really (but then nowhere in NI is far away from anywhere else in NI) so must get round to paying them a visit.