23 August 2007

Knife and fork porter

Yesterday, Boak and Bailey advised snapping up Okocim Porter on sight. Today I was roaming my hunting grounds for Session prey and happened across a stash of it getting old on the shelves of Carvill's. Far be it from me to disobey orders, so here I sit with my swarthy Polish friend.

It's a big lad, for sure: 8.3% and tasting every bit. Stablemate Okocim Mocne is characteristically sweet, but this takes sweet to a new level. It's incredibly heavy and thick, with gallons of malty, treacly sugar. No chocolate, no coffee, no burnt anything much. There's barely a hint of bitterness, and that comes more from the saccharine uber-sweetness than, say, the hops.

This is a challenging beer, and not to be attempted lightly. Fair play to them for selling it in full-sized bottles, where many brewers would have opted for 33cl. It's one to finish your night with. Especially if you've not had much to drink.


  1. Not sure whether you liked it or not though...

    It's ok to diss our recommendations! To be honest, we only had it one a while ago. We were amazed at the time, but probably more because of bad experiences with Zywiec porter on tap...

    Why can everyone get hold of it except Londoners?

  2. Yeah, I wasn't sure if I liked it either. On balance, I think not: it's just too much sugar, not enough roasted grain. That said I'm sure I'll get a hankering for it some time after it has disappeared altogether.