28 October 2007

Last beer blues

Oktoberfest in the Bull & Castle wrapped up last night. I enjoyed a variety of different beers during the evening and was planning on finishing with something dark and malty -- Aventinus or Kwak were particularly in mind. However, at the last minute, and possessed by a sudden need for novelty, I ended up opting for a Samuel Adams Octoberfest. I was sadly disappointed. This rather thick, flat beer pours a shocking reddish colour. It's certainly sweet, but not at all in the way a märzen should be. Instead, it has the corny-syrupy cloying sweetness of a high-alcohol tramps' brew.

I really wish I'd had that Aventinus now...


  1. Fella2:10 pm

    That's a shame, usually Sam Adam's products are solid, not world class-life changing beers, but pleasant. Aventinus and Kwak are superb; Sam Adams is workmanlike.
    I have not had this year's iteration, but they are slightly different from year to year. I think this beer is usually only ~5%.

  2. I agree that the Samuel Adamses aren't in the same class as Kwak or Aventinus: I didn't intend to imply that. Problem is, this workmanlike beer is in the same price bracket as the imports from Belgium, Germany and the like, which in turn has an effect on drinkers' expectations.

    It's all the fault of Irish excise law. Everything is.

  3. Do you, by chance, have access to Goose Island beers? They scrapped their Oktoberfest this year in favor of their Harvest Ale. It's a pleasantly snappy, very sessionable ESB, I believe.

    Just stumbled onto your blog by way of beermapping.com. Always good to read another account of the good beer experience.

  4. Hi Kathy,

    We certainly get the Goose Island Honkers and IPA (there are reviews of both on here somewhere). Haven't seen the Harvest Ale, but I'll keep an eye out for it, despite my fear of snappy geese.