23 November 2007

Auld silkie

Temperatures have dropped below zero for the first time this winter, so my preference for dark and warming beers continues and this evening is combined with my investigation of the many Scottish craft brews in Dublin's bottleshops. Broughton Old Jock is about as Scottish as they come, even if it's from just across the border from the Sassanachs. It's a rich and deep dark red ale, lightly carbonated pouring to a stiff head. The mouthfeel is incredibly smooth and rounded, making it effortless drinking despite a powerful 6.7% alcohol.

There are hops on the label and hops embossed on the glass, but little by way of hops in the flavour. Instead you get a malty ale with mild and tasty milk chocolate notes. As it warms, there's a faint peppery spice to it as well. The fullness of its flavours and the lightness of its touch suggest to me a kind of half-barleywine: strong and malty, but you could easily put a pint away by the fireside and feel much the better for it.

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