24 July 2008

Sierra, bravo!

Sierra Nevada Stout is made "in the 'old world' tradition", whatever that means, but like any American take on a British style I was expecting overcarbonation and a consequent dryness from this beer. Boy was I mistaken.

Yes, it did fizz out quite aggressively, forming a thick but short-lived head, and the slight aroma is bitter rather than roasty, but once past the lips this stout does wonders. There's a fabulously full mouthfeel, with just a prickle of gas stopping me from describing it as "silky". It has more than a hint of creaminess, however. Flavourwise, it's to hell with old world and let's get some hops in there: big west-coast buggers hitting the back of the palate with a tangy vegetal bitterness. Just detectable behind them is a rather sweet roasted malty flavour, presumably deriving from the big 5.8% ABV.

This stout is a true American and not really like anything I know from Europe. It's also streets ahead of the brewery's own rather lacklustre Porter. If you like your stouts hoppy, and can't get hold of the marvellous O'Hara's Celebration, here's an excellent second choice.


  1. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Wow, that sounds fantastic. Available from Beer-Ritz as well. Where did I put that credit card?

  2. Oblivious3:44 pm

    A fantastic stout one of my favorite, I had the pleasure of introducing an American to it on the 4th of July.

    It really puts Guinness to shame and those that think it the pinnacle of stouts

  3. Picked up bottle of this the other day, well it wasn't quite as nonchalant as that, I actively ferreted it out having read your review.

    A shipment must have arrived because the shelves in the offie were heaving with new and wondrous beers.

  4. nice one, a positive review of a greta beer. I seem to get a bit of stick for rating it round here, but it really is a gorgeous brew. and yes, another blow to those who think Guinness et all are the daddies.

  5. Such people need to be forced to explain why they think Guinness is so great. I suspect many of them have never really had other stouts.