27 October 2008

The legacy of Samuel Adams

Sarah was late for a dinner appointment. Before she fled the Bull & Castle Beerhall she bequeathed to me her half-finished Samuel Adams Double Bock. I mentioned in my last post the bad experiences I've had with a couple from this range, so I was very wary of the newcomer. Sticking my nose into this flat, dark brown affair set off all kinds of alarm bells, what with the intense tooth-rotting sugary aroma. On tasting, however, it's a bit mellower. Still sweeter than builders' tae, but with a pleasant sticky caramel foundation that lets it slip down without becoming too cloying.

I don't think I'll be drinking a lot of it, and at 8.8% ABV I really shouldn't anyway. Fortunately, before I got near the bottom of the glass, Mrs Beer Nut swapped it for the remains of her Clotworthy Dobbin. We make a great team, even if our special skill seems to be mopping up leftovers.

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