28 May 2009

Won't you come to your senses?

I can't think of any beer that attracts the revulsion which seems permanently attached to Desperados. Admittedly, the concept of a beer laced with tequila isn't likely to sound attractive to anyone with a mental age over 14, but just because it sounds hideous doesn't mean it's necessarily going to taste awful, does it? I detected a bit of adjunct snobbery going on here and, eventually, I took the time out to buy a bottle and drink it.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. Desperados is not utterly disgusting. I'm not sure I'd even go as far as to say it's unpleasant. What it is, is very very sweet. The flavour is dominated by a sugary lemon cordial flavour which is indistinguishable from the sort of artificial fruit character found in luridly-coloured spirit-based alcopops. Mrs Beer Nut claims there was a hint of something medicinal, eucalyptus or suchlike, but it was completely lost on me.

Searching hard, there is a beer hidden under all the syrup: a very thin watery one, for the sake of appearances only. My feeling is that this is a "beer" for people who don't like the taste of beer, or tequila, or alcohol in general. It's a girly alcopop targeted at boys by giving it a macho name and a recipe which only just qualifies it as beer. It certainly disappears far too easily for something with a whopping 5.9% ABV.

So now I have officially joined the ranks of those who scorn Desperados, but not for the reason I thought.


  1. Still sounds revolting and I have tasted it, though with no recall whatever.

  2. I found it unbearably, make you pull a funny face sweet. Not for me at all.

  3. Desperados kicks ass - it is, without question, my guilty pleasure beer :)

    It's too sweet, it has few discernable 'beer' qualities and it tastes best with a slice of lime so it should be something that I hate, and if I was taking the beer in its own right then I would hate it. But I just can't.

    While I won't sit at home and open a bottle of it to just drink, I do want it if I'm drinking with mates.

    To me, Desperados is the beer that I drank a lot of at university. Every great party I went to in those 3 years had 5 litre mini casks or a load of bottles, plus it was always in our fridge, and so it stands as a beer with lots of great memories attached to it. It's about friendship, having fun, not really caring about anything except having a good time - you just drink it and it becomes a part of the evening. That's why it's a beer I'll always have a soft spot for.

    And I'll always defend it :D

  4. What you are willing to drink for the good of the cause simply amazes me...

  5. But to not drink it would just be prejudiced snobbery.

  6. "a "beer" for people who don't like the taste of beer, or tequila, or alcohol in general"
    Brilliant quote!

  7. I'm 100% with Mark - a true guilty pleasure of mine too. Anything to take away the taste of mass-produced lager, eh? Although I only seem to find it in Mexican restaurants or, strangely, hotel bars. Are there any major supermarket or offie chains where it is available?

  8. We hated it for exactly the reason you mentioned: it's far, far too sweet. It reminded me of Tizer or Irn Bru or some other fizzy pop. I'm not above enjoying a cold Corona on a hot afternoon, but this is in a different league of awful.

  9. I had it years ago and can't remember it at all. How about doing a test with a regular lager and adding a shot of golden tequila to it? Just for comparative analysis and all that. Hmm, I must buy some tequila...