13 July 2009


There's a long-winded explanation on my bottle of Pannepeut 2007 about how it's Pannepot with the name changed "as a wink to the Danish market". I'm sure there's some joke behind this that was absolutely hilarious to both the Belgian and Danish senses of humour in the drunken aftermath of some beer festival, but I'm not going to dwell on it. Instead, I'm taking it as read that this is Pannepot, the legendary strong ale brewed by the Belgian breweryless brewing company most favoured by the Yanks: De Struise.

Brewed to a round 10% ABV it pours out a deep shade of chestnut brown with lots of sediment on the bottom of the glass and cappuccino-esque brown flecks on top of the creamy head. The nose shouts Belgian yeast into your face, though whispers of a fruity sourness underneath. None of that sourness in the flavour, though. This is big big sugary molasses on a thick syrupy base. There's a smidge of spicy woodiness for complexity, but mostly it's like drinking a malt loaf.

It's pleasant, in its own way, as a sipper. But I won't be rushing for it again and I certainly wouldn't have more than one in a sitting.


  1. Sounds intresting, I wounder why the yankes go so wild for this?

  2. Because other Yanks do?

    I'd prefer not to delve into the psychology of the American beer otaku.

  3. Pannepot is a good example of a beer that was wildly overrated because of its rarity. If you get one that isn't infected, it's not a bad beer. Just too sweet and not that complex for the strength.

  4. Yes. That.

    Is it really rare though? It always seems to be in stock when I go beer shopping in Belgium.