19 November 2009

A third of a century later

I wasn't at all impressed by BrewDog's misnomered Hop Rocker lager so haven't been inclined to run out and try their other lighter offerings. But enough positive comments about 77 Lager have filtered through to me to make me go out and buy a bottle of this one.

Universally described as very much a hops-forward lager, I was expecting something along the lines of Brooklyn's, but it's a much more intense experience. There's little to no restraining malt -- just super-resinous earthy hops. I kept having to remind myself that it's a pilsner rather than a full-on English IPA. The thin texture and light fizz adds to the cask effect.

I'm not at all sure I like it. It's just too unbalanced, and has that metallic flavour I often find from English hops in large quantities, though the earthiness meant it went rather well with some mature and gritty Bellingham Blue cheese. Nevertheless, I think I'll be sticking with good old Brooklyn as my hoppy lager of choice.


  1. 'It's just too unbalanced' - you're totally right, BN. My wife and I got hold of some 77 Lager in our local offie and opened it with glee. The lack of balance throws the beer way off kilter. I see no discernable point in this being a pilsner - I can taste no lagery quality to it.

    Punk IPA is heavily hopped but is exceptionally well balanced.

  2. it just isn't a pilsner, end of story, full stop.