11 March 2010

Supermarket kriek

Nearly a fortnight of blue skies has given the impression that spring might be here at last, sub-zero temperatures notwithstanding. The change of the seasons requires some silly al fresco beer to mark it. I opted for the Liefmans knock-off they sell in Sainsbury's which I assume* is an own-brand since I've never seen it anywhere else.

Bacchus Kriek is a promising dark red colour. I was afraid it might come out the lurid red of syrupy fake kriek, but it looks good and the aroma offers delicate, and real, cherry notes. The taste is rather less delicate, seeming stronger than 5.8% ABV would suggest and full of sweet cherries with virtually no underlying sourness, unfortunately. For all its big-bodied weight, it manages to avoid being syrupy or artificial, but there's no getting away from all that boozy fruit. On a good day you might say it tastes of cherry liqueur; on a bad one, cough mixture.

It's not a classic by any manner of means, but I quite enjoyed it. If I had regular access to it I'd probably buy it again, though the nearly-£3 price tag is a tad hefty for Sainsbury's, given the great stuff they usually have for under £2. It's not that much of a novelty to justify being priced as one.

*[Wrongly -- see comments -- thanks Michael!]


  1. Picked it put in Sainsbury's a while back, not bad

  2. I thought the frambose was 5.8%. Isn't the Kriek 6+%?

  3. Bacchus is good for what it is and that is a commercial Kriek. I found it a bit too sweet for my liking and I agree that I was waiting on a sourness which never developed.

    It is expensive for what it is though. Just for the record too, its not own brand and you can pick it up in quite a few places. Ive had it on tap too in one of my locals and it tastes better and a little more complex on tap

  4. I've never tasted a non-commercial kriek.

    Pretty sure it was 5.8% ABV, CL. I didn't even pick up the framboise.

  5. I've never felt the urge to try this. Sainsbury's logic for stocking it seems to be based entirely on the paper wrapper and the likelihood of people mistaking it for Liefman's. Cynical.

  6. Jonathan5:48 pm

    I have to say that, whilst not a proper Kriek (I think it'd be a Kriekenbier(?!), M&S cherry wheat beer is rather lip smackingly lovely.