07 October 2010

Bad karma

"Original and fun" is probably what the design brief for the Lucky bottle said. "Scary sex toy" was more than likely not in there, but it's what they got.

The beer is Chinese but owned by an Australian company and hit the headlines last year for threatening hot lawyer action on an innocent Seattle brewery (now trading as Trade Route). When it's the first thing you know about a beer, it's not terribly conducive to liking what pours forth, but it's actually OK.

The ingredients are listed and the only adjunct is rice, as befits the Asian light lager style they're hitting for. There's a slight skunky whiff, evidencing the presence of a surprisingly decent quantity of hops -- they're Saaz, apparently. Next to that there's quite a sweet flavour from actual real malt.

It's not overly exciting, but it could easily pass muster in any number of eastern European countries as the unfussy state lager. And if offered it in an Asian restaurant, short of better options, I'd be happy to drink it.

So sue me.

(Thanks once again to Laura and Dave for the gift.)


  1. A pointless beer in other words?

  2. Gets you pissed. Probably.

  3. Now that you mention it, the bottle *would* pass as the love child of a bottle of 7-up and Rampant Rabbit.

  4. Had one of these in a Spoons because of the flash bottle. Thought it a neckable pisswater that didn't pass the bang per bucks criteria.

  5. This beer rid me of all earthly desires. Or at least the desire to ever drink this beer again.