05 January 2011

Palest Peru

I miss the 66cl bottles of Cobra. I've not seen them around here in ages and nothing will make me trade down to the ubiquitous 33s no matter how cheaply the supermarkets offer them. Look, there's nothing rational about crap lager drinking, OK?

On a trip to Sainsbury's a while ago, I spotted Cusqueña in the speciality lager section and immediately clocked the bottle's similarity to good ol' Cobra. Well hello there. Fancy going back to my place for a curry?

Cusqueña is from Cuzco in Peru though I don't know by what machinations it has wound up in the UK. The bottle is slightly smaller than Cobra, at 62cl, though the strength is identical at 5% ABV. And the similarities don't end there: you get the same hefty body; you get the same relatively low levels of fizz; and you get the same touch of corny maize as the sole taste present in the beer.

Having little by way of flavour means little by way of off-flavour, so I decree this inoffensive beer to be absolutely fine as an accompaniment to super-spicy food.


  1. Just to show someone got the reference in your headline: no marmalade topnotes apparent then? Did the beer get to Sainsbury's via Paddington?

  2. Nah: you're thinking of the other Peru there, Martyn.