14 January 2013

From the Bad Name Choice file

Luppoo? Really? Did they think that one through? Still, at least it's only the last two letters that they've highlighted on the label. It's part of the Belgoo range and, oddly for a hop-forward Belgian beer these days, doesn't claim to be an IPA, preferring instead "hoppy blond beer" as the style designation. "Blond" nearly doesn't cover it: it pours out the white-ish green of gutrot cider with buckets of fizz, forming a stiff white head. It was still clear by the time I'd poured myself a glassful, which is a positive sign in one of these, where the powerhouse Belgian yeast can overpower the delicate hops all too easily.

The aroma is subtle but promising, offering juicy nectarine and mango, laced with a hint of nutmeg. No major hop burst on tasting and the sweet fleshy fruit flavours are muted behind the watery fizz. It's nearly more a Bellini than a beer and I wonder how and why it's all of 6.5% ABV: it certainly neither tastes nor feels it. Its best feature is that, even with the lees poured into the glass the yeast flavours don't get in the way of that understated soft fruit character.

I drank it as an aperitif and it's ideal for that, just don't expect an avalanche of hops or typical Belgian beer flavours.

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