22 August 2013

Too sloe

You know you're in Belgium when your bottle of beer features a cartoon version of itself on the label. So it is with Sloeber, not the most attractive name for a beer I've ever encountered. A dark gold body under a beehive hairdo of bright white foam which thankfully subsides quite quickly.

Nothing much is going on in the aroma, just a vaguely sweaty yeast thing. The flavour is understated but far from unpleasant. It's a little on the watery side, being a tiddling 7.5% ABV, but overlaying this there's a rather wonderful peach and mandarin flavour: sweet, but with a certain tartness as well. An additional grainy breadiness lurks beneath.

I confess that I've held on to this bottle a little longer than the label indicated I should have so I'm left wondering what it would be like if fresh -- a little livlier, I'd say, with more of that lovely fresh fruit. But even carelessly matured it works quite well, even if it lacks the oomph of stronger Belgian blonde ales.


  1. Sloeber is from Brouwerij Roman isn't it? I've always had then in my "worthy but dull" file - may need to revisit.

    1. Yep, that's it. It certainly doesn't look much cop, but I liked it.