16 January 2014

The Walking Deid

Zombier from Fyne Ales is a 6.9% ABV porter based on an award-winning homebrew recipe. It pours a dense, dark, opaque brown-black with just a thin layer of ivory foam on top. Disappointingly for a homebrew recipe, they haven't hopped the shite out of it: homebrewers are usually good for that sort of thing. Instead there's a nicely subtle sticky, smoky dark malt flavour plus sharper edges of liquorice and leather. Despite the high-ish strength it's light enough to be easy drinking, though the carbonation is a little bit overdone. Any heat from the alcohol only makes itself felt when the beer has warmed up and the glass is almost empty.

Not quite the taste explosion I was expecting from Fyne and some talented amateurs, but very good at what it's trying to be.

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