12 August 2015

A lonely voyageur

Well this was a pleasant surprise: Roukine, a Québécois red IPA by Brasseurs du Nord, delivered to my missus by Máire from 57 The Headline. It's a foxy red brown colour in the glass topped by an ivory head. The aroma is that enticing mix of marzipan, chocolate and caramel, spiced with herbs, familiar from good American amber ale.

The flavour is a little less complex: the Cluster-derived bitterness hits home first, metallic and almost acrid, but held in check by the soft sweet toffee-pudding malt. The great balance means this would be a good six-pack session beer were it not for the whopping 6.5% ABV.

I don't know from red IPA, but as a strong American-style amber ale this does a great job. Thanks Máire!

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