11 October 2017

Bonus Basque

Well this was a nice surprise: one of the visitors to UnderDog donated a bottle of Basqueland's Imparable IPA to the management, and the management were kind enough to share it round when I was in. Hagstravaganzers may remember Basqueland as one of the guest brewers at this year's festival; that was the first time I'd come across their wares.

This one is a beaut: 6.8% ABV and making great use of that extra strength to pile the hops in. The aroma is seriously dank and weedy so the kicking resinous bitterness that assaults the palate on first tasting comes as no surprise.

It's pale and murky so I suspect that the slick and sweet vanilla element that comes next is connected to the suspended bits. There's a touch of balancing herbs as well, adding a floral element, but that nowhere near takes the edge off the big and fresh west-coast burn which is this beer's signature move.

The pale, hazy and hoppy stylings put me in mind of some of The Kernel's best IPA work. I'm guessing it doesn't travel well, or much, but I'm glad this one got out and about. Cheers Barry!

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