11 June 2018

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Everything recent(ish) from Dublin's brewpubs today. Stop me if this is getting perfunctory.

Urban Brewing has been throwing all sorts of stuff into the fermenter, but I'll start with something a bit more sedentary: Wild Atlantic Wave pale ale. This is a mild 4.6% ABV and rather custardy looking. There's a slightly savoury quality to the aroma which had me expecting yeast bite but the flavour is surprisingly, and pleasingly, clean. I got lots of fresh tropical produce: lime and guava putting it at the bitter end of the spectrum, but balanced with some sweeter mango. The carbonation was low, giving it a lovely cask-like smoothness, enhancing its sinkability. While I only had a half, this would work excellently by the pint, and multiples thereof.

Playing a bit faster and looser with beer styles, we have a Dry-Hopped Kölsch, the hop in question being the popular Mandarina Bavaria. It's extremely herbal tasting, with a funk which brings it past warm grass cuttings and into urinal cakes. I suspect the dry hops may have been left in the tank a little too long. Bookending this are an enticing peachy aroma and a stimulating citric bitterness and the whole thing remains as smoothly refreshing as Kölsch ought to be. A minor tweak on the dry-hopping front and it would be superb.

I drank that next to a Clementine & Tangerine Pale Ale. Despite the added fruit, this was an altogether plainer affair, dry and crisp, like a water biscuit. Where I expected fruit I got herbs, strangely, though it at least looks like a tangerine, with its bright orange hue. Deeming it fine but not very interesting I downed it and moved along.

Time to pick another style and another fruit out of the recipe hat. That gave us Watermelon, Basil & Seasalt Gose, only 3.6% ABV though expensive at €4 for a half pint. This arrived a watery-looking hazy pale yellow. The flavour is very odd, right from the get-go. A green, almost detergent-like, artificial phenolic flavour is dominant, somewhere between Jolly Ranchers and Fairy Liquid. I don't think it's an infection or anything gone wrong; I suspect this is just what happens when you use watermelon in quantity on an otherwise neutral base. The smooth texture is pleasant, and there's a nice tang of brine on the finish, but overall I think it's just too weird to work.

Another at the same strength to finish off, consumed on the terrace on the first warm day of spring. Eschewing a formal style, this is just Cucumber, Lime & Seasalt. I missed the lime, but only because the cucumber flavour is massive. You can almost feel the pulp, like in a smoothie. The first thing that shot to mind was Pims: a cool jug of it, loaded with cucumber slices. Coupled with its mild salty tang, this was so enjoyable and refreshing I didn't stop to wonder where the lime went. I'm assured it's under there somewhere.

In with the cucumbers and out with the watermelons, is my gourd-related takeway from Urban this time.

Meanwhile, upriver at Open Gate Brewery, they were keeping the recipes tamer but just as varied. On the grounds that one should never pass a beer with one's name on it, I began my latest visit with Nutty Red. It's 5% ABV and an appropriate dark copper colour. It does a good job of beefing up the typical features of an Irish red, with a full yet soft body, a stimulating metallic bitter tang, and finishing on a crisp roasted note. This has everything you'd want from the style without resorting to pilfering features from other ones.