04 June 2008

Wife beater beater

What were they thinking? How many of Stella Artois's core UK drinkers have enough French to get the association? For that matter, how many of them shop in Marks & Spencer? And yet, with its white can emblazoned in red and gold there can be no doubt of the market at which Etoile D'Or is pitched. Maybe they're after ABC1s who like the idea of the strong Belgian lager, but simply cannot be seen buying it, let alone serving it to guests.

Unlike Stella, which proudly proclaims that it contains only natural ingredients like maize, this adds ascorbic acid into the mix. For extra freshness, see? Mmmm... crisp.

I think the contract brewer has done quite a good job of this. It even has a whack of that corny-grainy taste that I used to enjoy in Belgian-made Stella but which seems to have vanished from the British-made variety we get nowadays.

However, it's still quite watery with an unpleasant chemical flavour. Perhaps with strongly-flavoured food it might just work as a barbecue beer but I've a nasty suspicion that bad hangovers wouldn't be far behind.

This can was liberated from my Dad's stash (he has a keen eye for crap lager) so I've no idea how much it costs. I'm just guessing, based on previous M&S experiences, that it's hideously overpriced.

At your own risk, people. Public service blogging ends.


  1. According to The Beer Pages (http://www.beer-pages.com/notes/results.php?score=1&source=marks) the beer costs £9.99 for 12.
    One interesting note is that it's made by the Primus (www.primus.be) brewery in Haacht. Primus is one of the more common beers in Belgium. When I lived there, my friends and I would have counted this as a third choice beer behind Jupiler and Maes Pils. From your article, I would probably count Etoile D'Or as a third or fourth choice behind Sainsburys, Tescos, and Waitrose imported lager (in no particular order).
    Hmmm. Perhaps a blind tasting is in order. :-)

  2. Maybe a blind drunk tasting? (-;

  3. I'll leave the tasting up to you, Shey, and plead not having access to Sainsbury's or Waitrose as my excuse. Otherwise I'd be all over it, of course.

  4. Naturally. :-)

    I think I might have to give it a go. It sounds like too much fun not to!