07 May 2010

Mash up

Session logoIt's one of the major weapons in the arsenal of the internationally-renowned small-scale brewers, one which helps spread their recognition into new territories, whilst providing a fun couple of days out for the brewers: collaboration, the subject of this month's Session. For some it's a necessity: you'll see lots of Mikkeller collaboration beers, for instance, because there's no Mikkeller brewery. But the like of Stone and BrewDog -- more established breweries -- it's a way of attracting a little bit of the attention which the other one gets. Since the end result almost always tends to be top-notch beer, this is a good thing.

I'm keeping it big this time, though, with a collaboration from two giants of quality beer in the US and Germany respectively: Brooklyner-Schneider Hopfen-Weisse. You will doubtless remember the reverse version, brewed by Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn at Schneider in Kelheim and reviewed back here. The return leg involved Hans-Peter Drexler of Schneider brewing more-or-less the same recipe in Brooklyn and this is the result: a bigger, brasher American in a 75cl bottle, probably an advisable move given the large quantity of sediment in this beer.

Sadly I didn't have them side-by-side to try, but the taste is very similar: major fresh fruity American hops giving off the flavours of bitter grapefruit and sweet nectarine. These sit comfortably next to a different sort of fruitiness, a spicier kind, deriving from the yeast and the esters it produces. This harmonious combination of flavour profiles from the different ingredients is a whole other aspect of collaboration.

Let's have more joint efforts where the signature styles of completely different brewing traditions are mixed up. Dai-san biiru mild, anyone?


  1. Quite hard to find around these parts. I wrote to Schneider to see where in Münster I might be able to get it (or was it the other one? :D) and got a list of two places, over the other side of the city. Sounds lovely.

  2. The first round was one of my favourite ever beers... just big and warm, and tangy and yum yum... mut keep an eye for this return version.

    I think drinkstore have some

  3. Kenmc9:19 am

    I had the US version to welcome in 2010, had it side by side with the German version. Whilst I love both, I prefer the US version, much more aromatic, more mouthfeel, almost syrupy. Just wish it wasn't so (relatively) expensive compared to German varietal, which I managed to pick up a case of 24 for around 35 euro before xmas.

  4. I sampled the first Brooklyn-brewed batch of this straight from tank, poured by the practised hand Garrett himself. It was one of my peak beer experiences. Read all about it here