27 May 2010

Slide one over

New from California's Sierra Nevada is Glissade, a golden bock which follows their Kellerweis in being an attempt at recreating a German style, only in smaller bottles. It's similarly successful too, in that it has all the elements you'd expect from the real thing, but doesn't quite do enough with them.

So, at 6.4% ABV it's the right strength for a German bock and has the same relatively heavy, sticky, nearly syrupy, body. The nose and foretaste have the slightly herby, nettle-like character of noble hops, and the finish is sugary malt. I'm not much of a fan of the style in general, but even I can tell that they haven't put the elements together in quite the right way. I found it inoffensive, as did my bock-loving wife.

Far be it from me to say breweries should stick to what they're good it, and making the styles appropriate to their region, but I will say that if I do want a pale German bock I'll be getting some Einbecker or the like; and when I recommend Sierra Nevada to people, it'll be for Torpedo, not this.


  1. It was on draught in Chicago in a couple of places, but I didn't bother. Seems I made the right call.

    Mind you, I'm not a fan of pale bock anyway, so the point is probably moot.

  2. Had the Kellerweis the other day and I'm in agreement with you. Not bad, but instantly forgettable.

    Not sure I agree about sticking to what you're good at or only making beer from your region. We'll all be drinking the same stuff in 50 years time if breweries do that!!


  3. Agree? I didn't actually say that.

    Also, if breweries did make only the styles appropriate to their region (and again I'm not saying they ought to), how would it lead to homogeneity?

  4. I don't know if the question is whether Sierra Nevada should be brewing something like this or not, but whether there is a point in bringing this beer all the way to Europe where you can sure get the real deal cheaper.

  5. Absolutely, PF. I guess there must be brand loyalty, even among Irish specialty beer consumers. Though pricewise it's on a par with the German equivalent for us, weird and all that that sounds.