07 June 2010

Are you local?

I promised some Brooklyn Local No. 1 after having reviewed No. 2 well in advance. The bottle had been sitting about for ages, and seems to have been rather well conditioned. I hadn't finished twisting off the cage when the cork shot skywards and the beer made an early exit.

It's a Belgian-style tripel and a very clear golden one, going by the first glass from the 75cl bottle. It's a long time since I've had tripel so I doubt I'm in a position to assess this New Yorker against its Belgian equivalent. But I enjoyed it: it hit all the spots I expect from a tripel. Properly boozy at 9% ABV, yet light and crisp. The dryness is offset by honey and a touch of sultanas. The head stays soft and fluffy for a remarkably long time after pouring.

So I won't do my usual oh-why-won't-Americans-stop-sending-us-European-style-beers. I'll just say: this stuff is proper tasty.


  1. You could almost make the same claim in reverse for some European, well ok British, breweries - why send to the US an American IPA?? Let's have more ESB, more Mild, more proper Irish stout!

  2. Not had it, but this does sound lush. Yep, occasionally, all the planets line up and something works - Brooklyn can be a little inconsistent, I find, but thier good beers are really good. I recently had a cool bottle of standard Brooklyn Lager after a hiatus of about three years for that particular beer - forgot how good it was; balanced, classy...yum.

  3. Haven't tried this yet, have a bottle of the Brooklyn Hopfen Weisse that I am looking forward to, might just give this a try as well.