14 June 2010

Not as dramatic as it sounds

I was expecting anguish, powdered wigs and lots of furious organ music from Barock Hell, but all I got was a rather nice pale gold lager.

It carries itself heavily, at 5.6% ABV, with a little bit of sugariness complicated pleasantly with honey and light toffee overtones. The carbonation is gentle enough to make it great as a thirst quencher -- something I rarely find in pale German beers of this strength.

Perhaps it's its Bavarian heritage, but I really could see myself under a chestnut tree drinking this by the litre. And I'm surprised. I haven't touched anything by Weltenburger in many a year, having had a bad experience with the first one I tried. But I'd go for this smoothie again no problem.


  1. Anonymous9:15 am

    Have you ever reviewed any of the Greene King ales? I just love them! So much so that i now run a pub with Greene Kng Pub Partners. If you are interested check out the webste for hundreds of opportunites to become a landlord.

  2. I'd have thought Greene King were far too slick for this sort of thing. I wonder should I ask their marketing people if poorly-spelled, poorly-aimed blog spam is part of the strategy these days.

  3. The probably had several meetings to decide on each spelling mistake for added authenticity.

  4. Quite liked this beer myself:


    Very drinkable, pity the ABV wasn't 1/2 a % lower or it would make a great session beer.

  5. BrendanH1:41 pm

    I used to live in East Anglia, where GK were the dominant pub owners. Greene King Ales were utterly bland. Perhaps well made but completely lacking in character. The compensating factor was that Southwold also had a strong regional presence, and their beers are cracking!

  6. Never seen Barock Hell, but Barock Dunkel is a favourite of ours. I think they are using the term 'barock' to mean something like 'old skool'.

  7. I thought "ur" was the usual signifier for German beer like mutter used to machen.

  8. "I used to live in East Anglia, where GK were the dominant pub owners. Greene King Ales were utterly bland."

    I though their mild was very nice!