14 April 2011

Minor royalty

How they got away without putting David Bowie on the label I do not know.

Anyway, King Goblin is an extension of the Wychwood Hobgoblin brand. More-or-less the same label, they're a democratic bunch these goblins, though proudly proclaiming its boosted alcohol content of a hefty 6.6% ABV. I was surprised to find it a little paler than plain Hobgoblin but it's definitely stronger: all the chocolate charm is gone and there's a sweet alcoholic warmth immediately apparent. A surprising amount of hops too: bitter jaffa oranges at the centre of the flavour.

There's not a whole lot else going on, unfortunately. I like the plain sweet charm of Hobgoblin, and all that seems to be gone from this beer. Its not unpleasant, but there are much better bitter strong English ales in the mainstream.

My vote's with the rank-and-file goblin-in-the-street anyway. Fight the power!


  1. I saw it at drinkstore and decided to leave it. Regular hobgoblin is ok but I can't imagine upping the ABV with sugar is a good thing. Sounds like what beginner homebrewers do so they can get plastered quickly.

    OK maybe they did not just dump extra sugar in there.... but still.

  2. I think you were probably wise to give it a miss. If I wasn't already a Hobgoblin fan I probably would have too.

  3. HobGoblin is my ale of choice these days, think I'm gonna have to try KingGoblin! There's no telling some people...