04 April 2011

This little piggy

The people behind Zlý Časy in Prague have opened an off licence at street level next door. Pivkupectví was pretty cramped when a bunch of us went in to peruse the shelves. The Czech micros are well represented, with their distinctive plastic screwtop bottles, and there's some serious geek-fodder on the shelves as well. I was travelling hand-luggage only so there was no question of bringing a stash back with me. I bit my lip for, oh, about four or five minutes, then caved in and picked up a bottle of Mikkeller Beer Geek Bacon to take back to my hotel room. With a name like "Beer Geek Bacon", how could I not?

It's part of the Danish gypsy brewer's Beer Geek Breakfast series of coffee imperial stouts which have featured a variety of methods and ingredients over the years. He brewed this one at Nøgne Ø and, sadly, it's 100% pork free. The name comes from its use of smoked malt, but it doesn't lay this on too thick. Instead you get an absolutely first rate imperial stout, unctuous and sweet despite a piddling 7.5% ABV, giving off big bitter hop aromas and finishing dry and sticky: much like any of the range, really. You have to hold it on the palate and roll it round to find the smoke subtleties, but they're there.

Yes, I'd have preferred more bacon: I always do. But I've no complaints about this beer.


  1. Could always pour it over a bacon sandwich.... on second thoughts....

  2. Had this a while back and loved it. Was expecting more smoke and meat, but delicious all the same.