26 December 2011

Markt for death

Just when you thought the whole tatty Christmas market thing was over, I bring you a beer brewed specifically for taking the edge off shivering around the stalls looking at a million identical wooden angels and tiny log cabins while magma-hot glühwein raises blisters in your mouth before instantly turning undrinkably cold.

It's called Christkindlesmarkt Bier and is from Tucher in Nuremberg. A warming 6% ABV, it's a rich dark gold colour and gives off a golden syrup aroma that reminds me immediately of the better sort of Czech 12° světlý ležák. The flavour is certainly sweet, but it's nicely tempered with a decent amount of hops which prevent it from getting too cloying and which add a mildly piney flavour, the evergreen effect accentuated by an overall resinous texture.

Halfway down the glass I start to feel the warming sensation the brewer doubtless intended, along with the accompanying seasonal cheer. It really is designed as a fasttrack remedy for Christmas shopping misery. I probably should have told you about it weeks ago. Have some to hand when you're queueing at customer services with your receipts this week. Unless, of course, Tucher have a festbier for that as well.


  1. 'Markt for Death'. What are you like? :-)

  2. Some day I will run out of excruciating cross-lingual puns. That day is not today.