13 April 2016

Like it or not

It's another One-Shot Wednesday: beers that don't really fit into any other theme so get a mid-week post to themselves. The series will continue until my notebook and beer fridge are both cleared.

This one didn't come from the beer fridge but the taps at The Beer Market. To Øl's LikeWeisse is a 3.8% ABV Berliner weisse, but that's one of those catch-all style designations that's beginning to mean almost nothing, so I wasn't sure what to expect. For one thing it's hardly sour at all, going instead for a tropical fruit vibe: mango in particular. There's a pleasant sherbet candy spicing as well, but it's all very understated and the rather watery body doesn't help endear it to me.

The brewers' description says it's designed to be a mild, easy-drinking Berliner weisse but I can't help thinking this intention has brought the resulting beer close to the point of being boring. It's certainly much too basic to be charging €5 for a small glass of it. Galway Bay's own Heathen and 303 both succeed better at what this guy is trying to do, and at a much more sessionable price point. I'll take a pint of either, and the change from my fiver.

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