04 May 2016

If we must

Doesn't this guy look classy? A half champagne bottle with painted-on calligraphy is making a statement about quality. And probably about price too, though this bottle of Ceriux Tostada was, I think, left behind in my place by Thomas.

It's from the Rioja region of Spain and includes concentrated grape juice in the ingredients. Over in Italy they've been getting great results when they mix the grape with the grain so I'm intrigued to find out how the Spanish get on.

It's a hearty 6.5% ABV and brown-red in colour with a slight haze. A thick layer of dead yeast coats the bottom of the bottle but I managed to keep most of it out of the glass. There's not much by way of aroma -- I could detect only a faint whiff of aftershave spices. The texture is smooth but the flavour is rather bland. There's a touch of caramel balanced by drier grain husks but that's about all you get. If you want to imagine there are juicy red grapes in the mix as well, the beer will allow you that, but I don't expect anyone would be able to pick them out without prompting.

Bit of a damp squib, then, which is a shame. Best stick to the Tempranillo, Riojans.


  1. Excellent work again with the post title!

    1. Ahthangyew. Sometimes they just suggest themselves.