18 May 2016

On a promise

I like Mosaic hops. I like Founders brewery. I'm... fairly indifferent to Golden Promise malt, but the joining up of the first two was enough to pique my interest when Founders Mosaic Promise rolled into view. This is 5.5% ABV and a pale gold colour. I noticed a lot of gunk sloshing around in the bottom of the bottle so I poured carefully and got a clear glassful for my troubles.

There's a lovely spicy aroma. I've heard Mosaic described as having a garlic quality and I get a bit of that here: savoury, but fun. No garlic on tasting, though. The flavour hits that perfect sweet spot on the American hop flavour spectrum: a bit of sharp pine, some mouthwatering citrus, quenching peach and passionfruit and a subtle white pepper or rocket finish. And yet none of those elements dominate or unbalance the flavour. It's nearly perfect except... the malt lets the side down. The body is thin and the finish on tasting is unpleasantly watery, unexpectedly so for a beer of this strength. Can I forgive it? Yes. Ignore the ABV and pretend it's a point or two weaker. Call it an imperial session IPA: I don't care. It's damn decent drinking and another high-five to lovely Mosaic.

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