25 November 2010

Vibrant hybrid weizen

More off-kilter wheat beer today. Herr Unertl of the eponymous brewery in eastern Bavaria visited Ireland a few weeks ago and scattered bottles of Unertl Ursud wherever he went. This one was left in The Bull & Castle and given to me by Geoff the manager.

It's a strong dunkelweiss at 5.8% ABV and really quite interesting. It shows lots of the fruity yeast character you'd expect from a weiss, plus an added layer of caramel from the dark malts. So far so normal, but there's more. The carbonation is higher than a typicial weiss, adding a carbonic bite to the flavour. There's also a dry roasted crispness much more typical of a schwarzbier, plus a light body to match -- surprising for a weissbier of this strength.

I wouldn't say the two flavour profiles harmonise exactly, but they don't conflict either. Think of it as two beers for the price of one.


  1. Sounds great to me. Doesn't really sound like a weissbier (although not my favourite type of beer, I do like 'em now and again). Must see if he's been visiting these parts...

  2. Oh it definitely had the caramel bananas of a good dunkel.

  3. The Bloody Tan2:37 pm

    Talking of perry you don't happen to know if there are ANY independent cider maker in Ireland do you ?
    Even if it's only a small farmhouse venture.

  4. Of course: Double L in Lusk. Up north there's Mac's and Carson's.

  5. The Bloody Tan11:06 am

    Thanks for that.
    An endless diet of Murphys becomes extremely boring after a while.