02 May 2011

Outside, now

May already, and the blog hasn't been outside for a beer in the garden yet. I'm fixing that today with a recent lawnmower beer: Anchor Humming Ale. It looks the part on a sunny day, with its even golden suntan, capped by a knotted hankie of tight white foam. There's a promise of honey and orange blossom in the aroma and the flavour is gently infused with honeydew melons, peaches and similar sweet succulent fruit. It's basically a summer breeze in a glass: mellow, zingy and very very refreshing. I made a bit of a boo-boo by storing the bottle on its side in my fridge, so the clean flavours ended up dirtied a little by a yeasty harshness: store and pour carefully for maximum enjoyment.

The strength is much higher than I expected at 5.9% ABV, but I'd be perfectly happy to overlook this and keep drinking Humming until the sun goes down.