04 May 2011

Wibbly wobbly wonder

Another reward beer today: this one following an afternoon moving furniture. I was hot, achey, and sorely tempted to just drain this bottle of Welde No 1, something made extra easy by the long grippable neck and tab-pull cap. But I restrained myself, for your benefit, as always. When the cap did come off I was greeted by a lovely grassy aroma, the classic German pils smell, and the temptation to just drain it rose again. It looked the part in the glass, a vibrant gold topped by a soft mousse, the result of light carbonation. The flavour is where it falls down, however. The grass notes at the front are too slight and too brief and the whole thing just turns to wateriness on the palate in the first second or so.

To be fair, I was only after a beer to quench my thirst, and with its gentle fizz and light flavour that's exactly what this one did. There's even a faint reverberation of those German hops in its pleasant dry finish. I'd have drank another if I had one, and I'm sure the brewer would count that as a success.