28 September 2007

Bohemian travesty

I have very fond memories of the dark beers of the Czech Republic and was full of anticipation on dropping in to Dublin's Czech ex-pat bar this afternoon. There was a wide selection of taps, and lots of strangers among them. I opted for a Staropramen Granát. Mistake!

This light red-orange coloured beer is possessed of a sharp, acidic and frankly gastric bitterness which put me right off.

I will be back to the pub to try some more of what's on offer, but I won't be touching this again.


  1. I always rather like Star Granat - not a great beer, but a decent one. They launched it in the UK a couple of years ago and although it appeared in keg and bottled form for a while, it then seemed to vanish without trace.

  2. PS. I'd be fascinated to hear more about the Czech bar in Dublin.

  3. It could well have been bad pipes. But it was so shockingly horrible it will be a while before I brave it again.

    The Czech Inn is in Temple Bar and gives the impression of the sort of place men go for serious drinking. It's nothing at all like any actual Czech bar, except for the fridge full of Fernet Stock.

    I will be back in due course.