20 September 2007

Stahhht, innit

Work had me back in London today. I went over yesterday to arse about and try a few new beers, of which more later. This post is just a taster of two stouts I had. One was Samuel Smith's Extra Stout, quite a dry and bitter affair, though tasty nonetheless. Full-bodied, with a smidgen of chocolate sweetness at the front.

Tastier yet is kegged Meantime London Porter, a sumptuously rich black beer from the Greenwich craft brewery. There's little by way of dryness or bitterness here, just lashings of sweet chocolate flavours. I hazard that despite not containing any actual chocolate, this is chocolatier than Meantime's Chocolate ale. Meantime London Porter is the perfect dessert beer.


  1. Bailey12:08 am

    I love Meantime's London Porter, but slightly prefer Fuller's effort. Can't quite put my finger on why. Sourer? I quite like a touch of sour.

  2. Really? I love Fuller's beers normally, but the Porter I find too sweet ... Meantime's meanwhile, has just the touch of Brett a proper porter needs ...