10 September 2007

Just a taster

I'm going to Belgium tomorrow.
Oh, that felt good. I think I'll write it again.
I'm going to Belgium. Tomorrow.

It's therefore a bit daft of me to have cracked open a bottle of Belgian beer since I'll be drinking little else for the rest of the week, but here we are. The beer in question is a Tripel Karmeliet, from Brussels. It's quite a bit clearer than any of the Trappist tripels, with barely any discernible sediment. The colour is rather more orange than I was expecting. Tastewise, however, it's pretty much bang-on. There's the rich orange-peel fruitiness characteristic of the style, enhanced by the weight of alcohol. In fact, it's only 8%: virtually a session tripel. I'd criticise it only on a lack of spice. There's none of the coriander prickle found in the better-known brands. Still, it'll do to be getting on with, oh yes.

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  1. Bailey10:57 pm

    I remember trying Triple Karmeliet once, ages ago, and really being impressed. Pretty much any beer with any kind of orangey flavour seems to appeal to me. Have fun in Belgium.